We all have our own thoughts, opinions, ideas – all of which we seemingly treasure as our own and unique, all of which come through what we decipher from family, friends, news and the world around us.

We all at one time or another like the opportunity to share those thoughts, opinions, ideas – you know let off some steam or maybe just to say ‘hey this is my opinion’.

That’s what ‘News View’ is about, an opportunity to take a few bits of current and/or more recent past news and putting our personal imprint and/or opinion on it.

So from somewhere nearly in the heart of the United States where views of news literally comes from television, the internet and yes even some newspapers and magazines (some of us still read them) – here comes a View of the News.

The News – The FBI say they will not file charges against Hillary Clinton regarding her using a personnel internet server while serving as Secretary of State.

The results of that ruling has the right-wing folks going nuts and they immediately call for another investigation.

The View – Okay, Hillary Clinton did something real stupid in using a personnel internet service when sending emails from home while working as our country’s Secretary of State.  Okay, she has admitted to that, it’s not like we haven’t all done some things in our life that we realize was really stupid and always after the fact that we did it.

The FBI ruling that they would not bring charges on it has sent the revengeful right-wing screaming for yet another investigation.  Really, they think spending more taxpayers money on something that has already been ruled on is better than maybe spending some taxpayer money on things to help the citizen who elected them into office like raise the minimum wage, tweak the Affordable Care Act or work on sorting out a better immigration program.

Sure makes me glad to be an independent or democrat for this type of decision because I know the people of our grand country are a whole lot more important than another million dollar, revengeful based investigation.

Where were all the email haters when George W. Bush, Condi Rice and Dick Cheney removed millions of emails from the world of the internet after they were used on personnel servers.

One thing about right-wing nut cases is you can always count on hypocrisy to show up eventually.

Trey Gowdy, the congressman who tried to verbally assassinate Hillary Clinton while spending millions of taxpayer dollars on those Benghazi investigations, was recently caught using a personnel server for emails and congressional business.

I could go on about the number of times right-wing republicans have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar of the same things they fight so hard to dismantle – but I will not at this time, save it for a chat down the road.

I will finish with this – a person is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty – and that is exactly what Hillary Clinton should have been considered and eventually has.  So get over it, time to move on – time to take care of the business of this country, the work they were elected to do.

You may agree or disagree with what I post – it is always your choice, but I do ask for those who are compelled to leave a comment, compliment or rant (and I do encourage folks to speak their peace), you must be respectful of those who may not agree and be willing to agree to disagree and walk away as friends and fellow citizens trying to take care of our grand country together.  Those who are not respectful – well I will claim the right to dismiss those such individuals once they have been given the request to cease the lack of respectfulness.

So with that, for now from the very heart of this country we say aloha, shalom, prayers, blessings and get to know your views of the news – William & CrossDove Writer.

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